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Lead Security Officer (Varied, Full-Time)

by Human Resources | Jan 17, 2018


This position is responsible for the operation of the Security Department on an every day basis. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to: scheduling of personnel, delegation of assignments, proofreading of completed documents and protection of Guest and Employees as well as their assets, approving daily work hours, proper preparation of Daily Pass-On Logs, and/or other duties as assigned.


  • Schedules daily staff in relations to known or anticipated business volumes, events to provide maximum protection levels.
  • Ensures that areas of the Casino and perimeter are continually patrolled.
  • Ensures that all Security personnel are thoroughly trained in the duties of patrol, report writing, arrest procedures and laws.
  • Ensures all Security personnel are up to date on crimes and crime trends so as to be proactive in preventing similar occurrences on Tamarack properties.
  • Ensures parking areas are patrolled, physically or electronically on a constant basis.
  • Ensures Guests and Employees are provided escorts when requested.
  • Ensures escorts and assists are provided to other Employees during daily money transportations or Drops.
  • Assists injured and/or ill Guests or Employees and administers emergency medical care (if qualified) until professional assistance arrives.
  • Networks closely with other Departments to ensure open communication with  respect to concerns and activities in those Departments.
  • Has a complete and thorough working knowledge of Company and Department  Policies and Procedures and is responsible for training all Officers in these area’s.
  • Keeps the Chief of Security, General Manager and Operations/Shift Managers apprised of pertinent situations, information and irregularities.
  • Has a proactive approach to finding possible safety hazards and removing those  hazards in an expedient manner.
  • Has a thorough working knowledge of the Company’s emergency action procedures and how to administer them in an actual emergency with the most calming effect possible.
  • Acts in a public relations capacity when dealing with Guests, Public Service Officials and representatives from other various organizations.
  • Performs other distinguishing job duties and/or responsibilities as requested or assigned.


  • Must possess excellent communication skills both verbally and written.
  • Must possess ability to interface directly and effectively with staff, management,   upper management, guests and local authorities.
  • Ability to work under extreme pressure.
  • Must possess sound, mature judgment, above average organizational and planning skills.


. High School required or equivalent preferred.

. College preferred.


. Nevada Drivers License

. Nevada Gaming Commission “Gaming Employee” Work Permit

. CPR, First Aid and AED certification preferred


. Company Computers

. Portable Two Way Radio’s

. Polaroid or Digital Camera’s

. Handcuffs and Flashlights


. Personnel assigned to the Security Department

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