Slot Machine Myths, Exposed!

by Corey Amestoy | Mar 23, 2011

It astonishes me to see patrons playing slot machines without having a club card inserted into the machine’s card reader. As I walk the casino floor, and speak with the guests, from time to time I question the patrons as why they choose not to use a club card. Over the years I have received varying answers.


Without a doubt the most common answer is: “When I use my card, I never win. The machine knows and it doesn’t pay off.” Although a very interesting and popular myth, this is absolutely false. The notion that using a casino club card lowers the odds of winning is a big misconception, and quite frankly illegal. In fact Mark Pilarski, a syndicated gaming author writes, “The random number generator doesn’t care one iota if Mary Anne is using a slot club card, and besides, differential paybacks are illegal in every land-based casino in America.” The only recording information about the number of coins being played is the slot club card reader, and there is no connection between the slot club card and the RNG (Random Number Generator).


Another reason I hear from players is: “I probably don’t play enough to earn anything.”  One would be quite amazed at how quickly you can earn points and comp dollars. There are players who lose out on a lot of benefits by not using slot club cards. By doing so you are only denying yourself these rewards of playing, like Free Play, Comp Dollars, special invitations, and gifts. The slot card is a way to keep the players happy, and some would say a way to get your money back. “Card club players are a casino’s most valuable asset, and the last thing casino management wants to do after building what it hopes is a long-term relationship is to shortchange a player”(Pilarski).


Any player who consistently uses their slot club card will get the most out of their play, regardless of one’s gaming budget. Doing so will earn you rewards, prizes, and exclusive offers along the way; and as we have discussed, slot cards have no impact on a player’s winning streak. Remember, club cards are a means to make people happy and want to play more at their casino, and nothing will deter a patron from frequenting their establishment if they never win!


 Pilarski, Mark. “Using club cards has no effect on jackpots.” Best Bets [Reno, NV] 07 Apr. 2010: 17. view scanned article

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