What Are Wine Flights?

by Corey Amestoy | May 11, 2011

     Some of you might have heard that at the Tamarack Junction we are hosting monthly “Wine Flight Nights” every fourth Thursday and following Saturday in our Junction Lounge. I suspect some of you might be asking yourselves, “What exactly is a wine flight?”


   A wine flight, sometimes referred to as a “tasting flight” is a tasting or sampling of wines intended to compare and contrast the wines being presented. Typically speaking a wine flight aims at comparing wines of a specific region, or certain grapes from distinct regions. The idea is to have a fun experience trying different kinds of wine that typically have something in common, like grape, zone, style, or country.  For instance, you can identify a theme in these wine flights held at The Tamarack Junction: “Reserve Wines of Sonoma,” “Big Red Blends,” “Wines of the Central Coast,” and “A Visit to New Zealand.”


   Wine Flights are great for those new to wine tasting, as well as those whom are already familiar with wine, but perhaps want to improve their knowledge! According to Brendan McGuigan from WiseGeek.com, “Good wine flights will usually be accompanied by some educational component, helping the taster get the most out of their tasting experience.” Staying true to this idea, a highly knowledgeable sommelier attends The Tamarack Junction’s Wine Flight Nights to help better explain the wines and answer any questions one might have about the tasting. Using three different wines for each monthly event our sommelier Frank Cates personally walks you through the event, with information about the winery, vintage, and region.


     At the Tamarack Junction each wine in our wine flight is also paired with a complimentary gourmet dish created by Chef Frank Gibson. This is to add an extra element to the wine flight and enhance the taster’s experience. Chef Frank matches the characteristics of each wine with those of the food to create a delicious and well balanced dish.


    Additionally, the Wine Flight Nights at the Tamarack Junction are a great opportunity to try a various selection of wines before purchasing the whole bottle, as each wine at our event is available for purchase, if desired.

For questions or comments regarding our Wine Flight Nights, please feel free to comment below, send us an email by visiting our Contact Us page, or call Carol Weaver at (775)852-3600 X353.


  1. 1 Hayden Alexander 08 Sep

    Good article on Wine Flights. Sounds like a well-organized, extremely tasty evening. Always good to have an educational component to the event, hence the sommelier in attendance. Most are paired with a really great gourmet style meal. Sounds very good. Mmm, mmm, mmm!



  2. 2 Delia 29 May

    Thanks for sharing. What a pleasure to read!



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