Ion Generators

by Josh Schwarz | Jun 29, 2011

We at the Tamarack are always trying to find ways to improve the environment for our customers, and we are very conscientious about the cleanliness of our establishment.  That’s why we are pleased to announce that we have installed 20 cutting-edge Ion Generators that drastically reduce the number of pollutants in the air of our casino and restaurants.  These 20 machines placed along the air supply work to remove the impurities from the air.  The machine works to clump dust, smoke, and other pollutants together and trap them in our air filters before returning the clean air to the floor.  This revolutionary Swedish technology is the first of its kind in the United States, and is helping us substantially reduce the impurities from the air.  Additionally, we change our air filters out frequently to optimize the filtration of the casino air.  In one measurement, before the new system there was 17,000 pollutants per million particles, and after the system was installed that number was reduced to a mere 400.  This dramatic reduction in pollution provides our guests with a cleaner and healthier environment in which to enjoy our fine entertainment.  Keep in mind that if you are seated right next to a smoker you won’t be able avoid the smell, but that smoke will soon be removed from the air with our state of the art air cleansing system.  So the next time you stop by, take a moment to look up into the rafters and spot the blue rectangular Ion Generators with the green and red LEDs and see if you can tell a difference!  Please let us know what you think by sending a message to

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  1. 1 Linda 30 Jun
    Thank you for this improvement.  Air quality is very important to people like me as I have asthma and I cannot be the casinos due to the air flirtration systems.  I will enjoy trying out Tamarack again with this new air system.



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