• Ion Generators

    by Josh Schwarz | Jun 29, 2011

    We at the Tamarack are always trying to find ways to improve the environment for our customers, and we are very conscientious about the cleanliness of our establishment.  That’s why we are pleased to announce that we have installed 20 cutting-edge Ion Generators that drastically reduce the number of pollutants in the air of our casino and restaurants.  These 20 machines placed along the air supply work to remove the impurities from the air.  The machine works to clump dust, smoke, and other pollutants together and trap them in our air filters before returning the clean air to the floor.  This revolutionary Swedish technology is the first of its kind in the United States, and is helping us substantially reduce the impurities from the air.  Additionally, we change our air filters out frequently to optimize the filtration of the casino air.  In one measurement, before the new system there was 17,000 pollutants per million particles, and after the system was installed that number was reduced to a mere 400.  This dramatic reduction in pollution provides our guests with a cleaner and healthier environment in which to enjoy our fine entertainment.  Keep in mind that if you are seated right next to a smoker you won’t be able avoid the smell, but that smoke will soon be removed from the air with our state of the art air cleansing system.  So the next time you stop by, take a moment to look up into the rafters and spot the blue rectangular Ion Generators with the green and red LEDs and see if you can tell a difference!  Please let us know what you think by sending a message to 

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  • What Are Wine Flights?

    by Corey Amestoy | May 11, 2011

         Some of you might have heard that at the Tamarack Junction we are hosting monthly “Wine Flight Nights” every fourth Thursday and following Saturday in our Junction Lounge. I suspect some of you might be asking yourselves, “What exactly is a wine flight?”


       A wine flight, sometimes referred to as a “tasting flight” is a tasting or sampling of wines intended to compare and contrast the wines being presented. Typically speaking a wine flight aims at comparing wines of a specific region, or certain grapes from distinct regions. The idea is to have a fun experience trying different kinds of wine that typically have something in common, like grape, zone, style, or country.  For instance, you can identify a theme in these wine flights held at The Tamarack Junction: “Reserve Wines of Sonoma,” “Big Red Blends,” “Wines of the Central Coast,” and “A Visit to New Zealand.”


       Wine Flights are great for those new to wine tasting, as well as those whom are already familiar with wine, but perhaps want to improve their knowledge! According to Brendan McGuigan from WiseGeek.com, “Good wine flights will usually be accompanied by some educational component, helping the taster get the most out of their tasting experience.” Staying true to this idea, a highly knowledgeable sommelier attends The Tamarack Junction’s Wine Flight Nights to help better explain the wines and answer any questions one might have about the tasting. Using three different wines for each monthly event our sommelier Frank Cates personally walks you through the event, with information about the winery, vintage, and region.


         At the Tamarack Junction each wine in our wine flight is also paired with a complimentary gourmet dish created by Chef Frank Gibson. This is to add an extra element to the wine flight and enhance the taster’s experience. Chef Frank matches the characteristics of each wine with those of the food to create a delicious and well balanced dish.


        Additionally, the Wine Flight Nights at the Tamarack Junction are a great opportunity to try a various selection of wines before purchasing the whole bottle, as each wine at our event is available for purchase, if desired.

    For questions or comments regarding our Wine Flight Nights, please feel free to comment below, send us an email by visiting our Contact Us page, or call Carol Weaver at (775)852-3600 X353.

  • AT&T Coverage!

    by Josh Schwarz | Apr 29, 2011

    Good news, the Tamarack Junction is proud to announce that a new AT&T signal booster has been installed.  Now we have a strong 3G signal for both the AT&T and Verizon networks across our entire property!  Because of the feedback of our loyal guests and our dedication to customer service, we have installed signal boosters for both cell phone networks on our property.  You can access all the benefits of your mobile device while still enjoying our fine dining and exciting slot machines.  You can also enjoy our Wi-Fi hotspots in either of our restaurants for complete accessibility.  While you are here, be sure to check in on Facebook, Foursquare, or send us a tweet!  We love hearing from our guests, and we are always working to make your time at the Tamarack Junction better.  As always, we take our customer’s opinions to heart, so don’t be shy in telling us what you want to see next!  Feel free to comment below or send us an email from our Contact Us page.

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  • Strategies for Video Poker Tournaments

    by Corey Amestoy | Apr 09, 2011

    Do’s for Tournaments

    Arrive at the tournament area before the required time and check in with the slot host.

    You can’t win if you don’t play.  If you are not there when it is time to start your session, your spot will be given to an alternate.

    Understand the game and study the payout schedules.

    Make sure you understand the poker rules and pay tables – particularly any bonuses.  That may make the difference.

    Practice before hand.

    The biggest factors that you can control are speed of play and concentration.  Being able to quickly identify which cards to hold will make a difference.  Also, you might be surprised how tiring, both mentally and physically, it can be to play as fast as you can for 10 minutes.  If you practice before hand, you will be ready!

    Have Fun!

    These tournaments are fun…enjoy yourself.  Even if you don’t win the tournament you might win a round prize or a last chance drawing!

    Dont's for Tournaments

    Don’t waste time.

    Move as quickly as you can from one had to another.  If you have a hand that earns you a bonus, yell out.  Once your hand is confirmed, quickly start the next hand!

    Don’t look around at what others are doing.

    This just slows you down.  Your strategy doesn’t change depending on what others are doing.  Just keep playing until time is called.

    Don’t stop playing until time is called.

    The more hands you play, the better your chances of winning.

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  • Slot Machine Myths, Exposed!

    by Corey Amestoy | Mar 23, 2011

    It astonishes me to see patrons playing slot machines without having a club card inserted into the machine’s card reader. As I walk the casino floor, and speak with the guests, from time to time I question the patrons as why they choose not to use a club card. Over the years I have received varying answers.


    Without a doubt the most common answer is: “When I use my card, I never win. The machine knows and it doesn’t pay off.” Although a very interesting and popular myth, this is absolutely false. The notion that using a casino club card lowers the odds of winning is a big misconception, and quite frankly illegal. In fact Mark Pilarski, a syndicated gaming author writes, “The random number generator doesn’t care one iota if Mary Anne is using a slot club card, and besides, differential paybacks are illegal in every land-based casino in America.” The only recording information about the number of coins being played is the slot club card reader, and there is no connection between the slot club card and the RNG (Random Number Generator).


    Another reason I hear from players is: “I probably don’t play enough to earn anything.”  One would be quite amazed at how quickly you can earn points and comp dollars. There are players who lose out on a lot of benefits by not using slot club cards. By doing so you are only denying yourself these rewards of playing, like Free Play, Comp Dollars, special invitations, and gifts. The slot card is a way to keep the players happy, and some would say a way to get your money back. “Card club players are a casino’s most valuable asset, and the last thing casino management wants to do after building what it hopes is a long-term relationship is to shortchange a player”(Pilarski).


    Any player who consistently uses their slot club card will get the most out of their play, regardless of one’s gaming budget. Doing so will earn you rewards, prizes, and exclusive offers along the way; and as we have discussed, slot cards have no impact on a player’s winning streak. Remember, club cards are a means to make people happy and want to play more at their casino, and nothing will deter a patron from frequenting their establishment if they never win!


     Pilarski, Mark. “Using club cards has no effect on jackpots.” Best Bets [Reno, NV] 07 Apr. 2010: 17. view scanned article

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  • Welcome to our New Website

    by Bob Taylor | Mar 21, 2011
    We've rebuilt our website to provide more services to our guests than ever before! Our new site gives you the ability to easily see your Comp Dollars, Points, and Ranking simply by logging in. Plus, once you have an account you can see when and where you've spent your Points and Comp Dollars and how fast you are earning more points!  If you made an account with our old website, your information has automatically been transfered so you can already start enjoying the benefits of our new site!  We have also made our website more interactive than ever. You can comment on our upcoming events, our blog posts, and use our Contact section to get in touch with exactly who you want.  We are always looking to improve our services, so we encourage you to provide as much feedback as you can. Our website has been optimized for all the most popular browsers, so you can view our site on almost any computer! We also removed all of that pesky Flash, so navigating our website on mobile devices is now much easier.  As we move forward, we will be offering more and more services on our website.  We would love to hear what you are looking to see on our site, so feel free to sound off in the comments below or send us a private message from our Contact Us page.  Sign up for an account and start enjoying all the new features today!

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